What is maple syrup?

What is maple syrup?

The making of Maple Syrup, known as "sugaring", takes place all over the Northeastern US and Canada. It is a time-honored tradition and is as much an art, as it is a science. Even though sap runs in other trees such as elm and birch in early spring, maples produce more sap and sweeter sap than any other tree.

Maple Syrup is the end result of concentrating maple water (the sap from maple trees) through a lengthy process of boiling and evaporation. Typically, over 40 litres of maple water are required to produce just one litre of syrup.

The Legend of Woksis

The Native Americans were the first to recognize the sap of the maple tree as a source of energy and nutrition.

Legend has it that Woksis, a Native American chief, one day hurled his tomahawk onto a maple tree. The clear liquid that dripped from the wound, collected by chance in a container that Woksis’ wife happened to have placed on the ground below the tree.

Believing the liquid was water, she used it to cook venison. After cooking in the sweet broth, both the meat and the liquid that remained were found to be delicious.

Retracing how this occurred, they discovered that the sweet sap from the maple trees was the source. The process has since been repeated innumerable times and is now part of the local lore and customs.