The Ordinary and the Extraordinary

Most of the maple syrup produced today has fallen victim to the economic pressures of mass production. The maple syrup that is commercially available is, for the most part, produced using methods of extraction, production and packaging that favour volume over quality.

The true essence and subtle characteristics of the maple are often lost or altered when the production process is mechanized. Plastic tubing systems, filtering and using evaporators powered by burning oil, can denature the flavour and compromise the quality of the maple water. Mixing productions and re-boiling for packaging also contribute to lowering the quality of the end-product.

What makes Silver Springs Farms Maple Syrup extraordinary is the attention and care that is taken in every step of the production process.

Only trees that have matured over 60 years are tapped and the number of taps applied is less than in typical commercial sugar houses, a practice known as "under-tapping" to minimize the stress on our trees.

Maple water that does not meet our stringent quality standards of purity and clarity is immediately discarded.

During the wood fire heated evaporation process, sap is concentrated to the desired density and flavour, and color develops as a result of chemical reactions that occur during heating.

Traditional, labour intensive methods are used to ensure that the maple syrup produced conserves all the subtle characteristics that can only be created through the passionate attention to detail of true artisans.